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Juiceyacai.com LLC is US based company that is authorized to introduce and sell MonaVie products online in the United Sates and Internationally.Juiceyacai.com LLCwas founded in April of 2007. Juiceyacai.com LLC is an organization that is committed to customer satisfaction by providing excellent services and impeccable operation. Empowered by business innovation, fun and leadership. Integrity is the source of our success.

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About MonaVie As a Product:

MonaVieis an exquisite health drink, destined to make a profound difference in the lives of countless peoples of the world. The formulators of MonaVie, driven by a passion for helping humanity and bringing abundance into the lives of many, have created the consummate blend of 19 health-promoting fruits from the four corners of the earth. The crown Jewel in the MonaVie formula is the Acai berry, found only high atop towering palm trees in the lush, Amazon rain forest of South America.

The Acai fruit is a little berry that is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. A University of Florida study showed that extracts from Acai berries killed leukemia cells in a laboratory setting, and the research is often mentioned by proponents of the berry and its health benefits.

Published today in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , the study showed extracts from Acai (ah-SAH'-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 % of leukemia cells tested, said Stephen Talcott , an assistant professor with UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences .

"Acai berries are already considered one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants," Talcott said. "This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using beverages, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries." Acai berries are produced by a palm tree known scientifically as Euterpe oleracea, common in floodplain areas of the Amazon River, Talcott said. When ripe, the berries are dark purple and about the size of a blueberry. They contain a thin layer of edible pulp surrounding a large seed.

Historically, Brazilians have used Acai berries to treat digestive disorders and skin conditions, he said. Current marketing efforts by retail merchants and Internet businesses suggest Acai products can help consumers lose weight, lower cholesterol and gain energy

MonaVie Active (the green label) is what all people over the age of 12 should be drinking. It not only has the 19 fruits of MonaVie but it also has the added benefits of liquid glucosamine and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Glucosamine is great for maintaining healthy joints. Pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, and children under the age of 12 should be drinking MonaVie (the purple label)


In addition to the Acai berry, MonaVie products contain white grape, pear, acerola, pear puree, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion fruit, banana, apricot, prune, kiwi, blueberry, bilberry, camu camu, wolfberry, pomegranate, and lychee fruit.